Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition: The Unboxing

First, allow me to preface, I am NOT playing TOR. This is the hubby's Collector's edition. Perhaps in the future, if people convince me, I MIGHT play.

First off, this is what Dave lugs home yesterday:

Seriously, this thing is HUGE (that's what she said!):

(yeah, quite some look on my face, huh?) It's bigger than my head!!

The unmolested open box:

The soundtrack:

Actually, the music is incredibly awesome. Guess that's one of the pluses of Lucas not letting go of crap.

Map of the known galaxy:

My only comment: Where the hell are we putting this?

The game, which incidentally is already installed on Dave's computer. Guess this is gonna sit on a shelf gathering dust (lol):

The authenticator thingamajig:

Yeah, I'm a bad geek, I can't remember what it's called. Bad Zan, no cookie.

Umm, something else:

Finally, the sculpture which was the reason for the massive box of epicness:

No clue where it's going, but it'll likely wind up in the family room along with all the Star Trek models. Although, there was some talk of placing it in windows where people least expect to see it.

In closing, a Star Wars geek's dream, but I have a tiny confession: we're more Star Trek geeks. Go fig.

Also, pay no attention to my disaster of a dining room table. I need to clean.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Geeky Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Most years, by the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I'm happily humming away Christmas Songs, basking in the glow of a festively decorated house, stocking hung by the chimney with care, and all that jazz. This year, grinch time. Dave and I haven't even discussed bringing in the decorations. *Sigh* But I won't talk about that now, no matter how much I want to kvetch.

Besides feeling like the biggest grinch ever, my initial foray into the world of Christmas wasn't exactly what I hoped it would be.

I got a really great deal on tickets to Dicken's Fair through LivingSocial (Family four pack - two adults, two children - for less than the cost of two adults tickets), which means I was locked in to going at some point this year. Our initial plan was to go last weekend when I came down with the deathly death flu, and wound up stuck at home with a 102 degree fever. Yuck. Okay, new plan, go closing weekend.

Closing Weekend. Yuck.

Woke up Saturday morning still fighting the remnants of the deathly death flu crud, and not sure if I'd actually be interested in dressing up. Cut to an hour later, my geeky soul is begging to dress up in corset and Victoriana, so I caved and my inner geek did a little jig.

Our initial plans to get there between 11 a.m. and noon were offset by my perpetual inability to stick to a schedule on any given weekend that requires me to not look like I just rolled out of bed. Come 12:15, we're just tossing the last few things in the car, heading off to get gas and get on the road, finally pulling into the Cow Palace at 1:15 p.m., and hastily corseting up and heading in.

Immediately, I was reminded why I loathe closing weekend of any event. LOATHE IT. Crowds like you wouldn't believe. Lines half an hour long for the freaking ATM. And I won't even start on the lines for food. The topper of the day? We meet up with friends only to discover one of them just had her purse stolen. Happy effing Christmas. Have I ever mentioned I hate people?

Only one thing to do if the food lines are too long, you want to strangle the jerkface that stole your friend's purse, and claustrophobia is threatening to turn you into a giant, seething ball of hate: DRINK. Same way I dealt with Mardi Gras and my desire to punch people in the face. Also, Dave discovered his new second favorite drink: Absinthe. I tried it, but - eh - take it or leave it. The Raspberry Hard Cider on the other hand? Yum. I had many over the course of several hours.

At some point after waiting in a half an hour long line for the ATM and me drinking another cider, my friends decided to leave. The purse stealing had really ruined their day. Stupid, jerkface, purse thief!

Finally, filled with liquid courage, Dave, Shelly and I decided to brave the food lines, only to discover almost no line!!! Wewt, drinking time and show watching time apparently well spent.

The rest of the day was basically a blur. Watched shows over at Mad Sal's (the Adult stage), since the "family variety" of fun really wasn't our speed. Then some window shopping, a few more treks around the fair, one more show, and I was kaput.

For the most part we stayed out of the shops, but a few pieces were simply calling our names (and our pocketbooks):

Dave picked up a new vest, a couple of lovely cravats, and a new pocket watch to complete his Victorian outfit. Hubba hubba:

Then, being the sweetheart he totally is, picked me up this incredible fascinator/headpiece which I will now build an outfit entirely around:

Sadly, there's no picture of me wearing it day of; I was sorely lacking in the picture taking department, likely cause I was picking up the slack in the drinking department. And the oh-my-god-how-many-people-can-they-cram-into-this-place department.

Yep, that was my start of the holiday season. About three weeks after everyone else. I'm trying.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Impulse Control or My Lack Thereof

This morning, I nearly chopped off my bangs. Call it a fit of pique or what will you, still most people consider this a pretty normal impulse, experienced in the moment and quickly forgotten.

Not so much with me.

Add in a touch of OCD and Anxiety Disorder, and you have me googling videos on trimming bangs every free moment I have.

I have to face it; because of this morning's passing impulse, I'm about 99% sure my desire to grow out my bangs is a thing of the past. Just like the desire to grow my bangs out came from a passing comment one night when I decided to wear them curled and off my forehead.

Fortunately, in terms of hair growth, bangs are relatively minor in the greater scale of time required to fix. I guess I have to accept that I'm crazy, omg, gonna want my hair different every day girl.

Still, when push comes to shove, I really enjoyed the Bettie Bangs.

And happy Friday to me, hope I can control this urge long enough to not screw it up on the spur of the moment.