Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Collector's Edition: The Unboxing

First, allow me to preface, I am NOT playing TOR. This is the hubby's Collector's edition. Perhaps in the future, if people convince me, I MIGHT play.

First off, this is what Dave lugs home yesterday:

Seriously, this thing is HUGE (that's what she said!):

(yeah, quite some look on my face, huh?) It's bigger than my head!!

The unmolested open box:

The soundtrack:

Actually, the music is incredibly awesome. Guess that's one of the pluses of Lucas not letting go of crap.

Map of the known galaxy:

My only comment: Where the hell are we putting this?

The game, which incidentally is already installed on Dave's computer. Guess this is gonna sit on a shelf gathering dust (lol):

The authenticator thingamajig:

Yeah, I'm a bad geek, I can't remember what it's called. Bad Zan, no cookie.

Umm, something else:

Finally, the sculpture which was the reason for the massive box of epicness:

No clue where it's going, but it'll likely wind up in the family room along with all the Star Trek models. Although, there was some talk of placing it in windows where people least expect to see it.

In closing, a Star Wars geek's dream, but I have a tiny confession: we're more Star Trek geeks. Go fig.

Also, pay no attention to my disaster of a dining room table. I need to clean.

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